Plan a FECRT Study

The study planning tool allows you to determine the minimum viable sample size for a FECRT study, given a set of user-supplied parameters such as expected efficacy and the size of the grey zone. This allows some additional flexibility around the standard guidelines provided by Kaplan et al. (2023).

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Analyse FECRT Data

The data analysis tool allows you to upload/enter one or more FECRT dataset to be analysed, and automatically generates the results for you based on the data uploaded. Basic results are shown on the screen, and a full report (including summary statistics) can be downloaded as a PDF or Word file.

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More Information

This website was developed by Matt Denwood at the University of Copenhagen, with input from Ray Kaplan, Martin K. Nielsen, Bruno Levecke, Stig Milan Thamsborg, and Iain McKendrick. We acknowledge funding from NordForsk (the DigiVet project on digitalisation of livestock data) and the Scottish Government Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services Division (RESAS) Strategic Research Programme, for support of this work.

For more information on the WAAVP guidelines see Kaplan et al. (2023). To cite this tool in peer-reviewed publications (and for more details on the underlying statistical principles) see Denwood et al. (2023).

If you have comments/questions/suggestions, then please feel free to get in touch by emailing Matt Denwood.

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